I KNOW, I KNOW, everyone and their dog are talking about MOTIVATION right now, and how to stay motivated. Even considering that, after doing this for 10-years and recently surveying all of my clients and followers on social media LACK OF MOTIVATION is still the number 1 reason/excuse they are not achieving their goals. WEIRD... Right!?!

NO... It's quite normal to be honest, and in this article I am going to explain why that is and how to avoid it. In the next 3 blog posts, I will give you a CLEAR, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE cheat sheet I use to maximize my own personal drive and my clients motivation, and KEEP IT THERE!!

We will learn the essentials like:

  • What really drives me?

  • How to optimize short and long term motivation?

  • Internal and External motivation? What is better... and why it hasn't worked

  • Daily habits to keep inspiring you

Please don't take my word for it... TRY IT. These techniques are taken from world experts like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Brendon Bouchard, T. Harv Ecker, Lewis Howes, and I have adapted them to the health and fitness field over time.

Why it hasn't worked?

Honestly, staying motivated is hard and can be quite complex. Over 10 years, I searched for the magic formula, taking bits and pieces from all the books, seminars and classes I attended. It boils down to 3-pillars:

  1. Connecting with your deep and profound WHY

  2. Creating and connecting to intrinsic and extrinsic goals and motivators

  3. Daily motivational habits that keep you on track

But why do most people fail? Most people have shiny goal syndrome! They get a goal in their head, often an external focused one, (to look like this, have abs like that, run a marathon, etc...), and just start working towards it. Which is great when you are motivated at the beginning. But then life happens, there is some type of setback. At that point 1 of 2 things starts happening:

#1 You start making up reasons/stories of why you can't do it, 'I don't have the time', 'Next month I' ll start', 'I messed up my breakfast, my whole day is finished anyway', 'I am not made to be skinny, it's my genetics', etc...


#2 You start falling into the TYRANNY of HOW, and you become paralyzed/afraid of moving forward! I stole this from the famous Tony Robbins, at his Business Mastery Seminar, and it changed my life. If you find yourself asking 'How do I eat healthily?' 'How do I workout @ home? 'How do I do my groceries?', or any situation where you want the exact map or answer of how to do it before starting... You are stuck in the TYRANNY of HOW.

At this point, most people get completely stuck and throw up their arms and quit. But THAT IS NOT YOU, so don't worry, there is help!

Start with WHY... A deep and Profound WHY

People have been hearing about the power of 'WHY' extensively over the last years, and it has been popularized by Simon Sinek, who did an amazing TED Talk and book 'Start With Why. In this, he discusses the minute differences between APPLE and other technology companies, that lead them to have incredible results. And you guessed it, it's because they start with WHY!

But starting with just any why isn't enough, after reading his book I decided to try it out. Honestly, I found that my motivation was slightly better when I incorporated my left brain or logical why's. But it didn't get me through the tough times, which is when I discovered the need for emotional and intrinsic motivation.

PILLAR #1: 7-Layers DEEP

This concept was introduced to me by Mathew Park, a high performance coach, motivational speaker and entrepreneur who talked to me about Dean Graziosi 7-layers DEEP. The principal is this, when you have a goal, you ask yourself WHY do I want to acheive this? Then underneath you write because, and answer the question. (Try to do this with your heart, not your head.) Once you have done that you will repeat the process with your new answer, here is my version as an example:

What is important to you about making more money? Because... I want to have more time and financial freedom, to be with my friends and family Why do you want to have more time and financial freedom? Because.... I want to truely connect with my daughter, wife, family and friends

Why do you truely want to connect with your daughter, wife, family and friends?

Because.... BLAH BLAH BLAH

It gets a little too deep and I am not that great at being vulnerable but you get the point. By the time you get to level 5-6, you should be very emotional (or crying). If you aren't, you are stuck in your head. Below is a quick video to get you through the process:

PLEASE, take the time and dive into this exercise. YES, it takes 15-30min, but it will save you countless hours of 'HOW' questions, or maybe even years of going in circles.


Here are some key points to take away

  • People get stuck because they don't know WHY they are doing something

  • The Tyranny of 'HOW' is a real thing

  • People and companies who start with WHY, (especially a profound one), outperform and enjoy their task more

In the next article I will talk about Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation, proper goal and incentive setting, and TYPE A behaviour vs. TYPE B in long term success.


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