Resolutions... That last!

So... Another year, and another DECADE has come and gone! Which is a little scary in and by itself.

Like most people, for me it is a great time to reflect on what I have accomplished and what I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year and decade. And by all means, I totally support self-reflection and goal setting; however, I think many peoples approach to this is completely ineffective and unrealistic. Let me see if I can create a picture or timeline of most people's resolutions:

1) Start with looking at what you want and didn't achieve.

2) You make tons of inspiring goals.

3) You take some action toward said goal...

4) You 'mess it up'

5) You forget about it by February 15th...

6) Repeat January 1st next year

See the problem here? The problem isn't with goals or resolutions, it is in the process you are using to determine said goals, the amount of goals and to be honest.... people's willingness to change their actions on a daily and consistent basis!

From YEARS of experience coaching clients, doing personal development seminars (Tony Robbins, T.Harv Ecker, Eric Worre, Brian Tracy, etc...) and my own experience with failure and success, come some time tested, WORLD EXPERT approved, methods and habits to include in your goal setting process!

Here is a short list: (for a more extensive and complete process join me for a FREE 30-min FB Live, on goal setting January 2nd 2020 @ 7pm)

1) Start by looking at all of your wins. The research on success and mindset is extremely clear! No matter who you are, no matter what you BELIEVE, starting with self-compassion and increasing self-confidence improves results. Start by writing down your top 10 wins in 2019.

2) Look at the many lessons you learned, (or should have). This was a huge one for me! I never would take the time to sit down and look at what I achieved first, and what I learned from my trials/mistakes in the previous year. Being to busy or in a rush to make sure I maximize my time, I would rush headlong into the same patterns and habits, that didn't produce the results again and again. Don't make my mistake, however little time you think you have; it is worth the extra 5-10 minutes. So set the time aside, and BE HONEST.

3) Ask your self one question before creating goals. ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 10, WHAT IS MY WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE MY LIFE AND SOME OF MY HABITS TO ACHIEVE THIS? NOW be honest with yourself... Think about when the kids are complaining, the boss has deadlines and your spouse is not being supportive. It is in those moments this will count, because it is in those moments, you will go back to old habits.

If your answer is 6 or less, unfortunately all the motivation in the world won't get you there! WHY you ask... Because motivation is fleeting, and fickle. It is there when things are good and gone when you need it! SO you need to figure out how to bring that to a real 7+ to get ensure you stick the changes.

**Bonus) If I have ONE suggestion, ONE coaching on goal setting it comes from the great real-estate mogul and investor Gary Keller and his book THE ONE THING!

Once you have your goals and dreams, you need to figure out the ONE habits that will produce a large majority of the reulsts you want, and focus on that!

If you are interested in the complete goal setting process to ENSURE you do the process optimally and avois many pitfalls, join us Thursday January 2nd @ 7pm for a FB Live here:

I wish you all an amazing 2020, with tons of HAPPINESS, FUN, LOVE, PROSPERITY and of course HEALTH!

achievable. and go small! Find the one daily task that will bring you the largest portion of your results! Not 2, not 3, not 10, even f you are SO AMAZING that you can ''HANDLE IT or I AM DIFFERENT'', take it from experts, (and myself, who thought the same thing) stick to the most important 1 THI

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