The FAKE Healthy Sugar... AGAVE!

We are all trying to do better feel better and have more energy, and one of the biggest victories is that people seem to be getting the sugar is bad message. This in itself is already a victory. Unfortunately, big business and the people that are paid by them... hmmm... don't give s sh** about how you feel, your fitness or your health, and when sugar took a hit, they had to find a new poster boy. One they could market as healthy, but cost next to nothing... Introduce Agave Nectar!


Agave (pronounced uh-GAH-vey), is a plant mainly grown and produced in Mexico. it is the same plant that Tequila is made from!

Agave itself is about 1.5X's as sweet as sugar and is mainly comprised of fructose. Although glucose is essential in the human body, fructose is very difficult molecule to process for our body, and often has disasterous effects on our liver and increases VLDL ( bad part of cholesterol). (1)

Did you know:

1. The alternative sweeteners industry netted $1.2 billion in 2010, making agave big business.

2. There is a debate in natural health and medical circles whether or not the health claims by manufacturers are true, making agave quite the controversy. (2)

Ok, but I like sweet... What do I do?

Although it may be slightly better than refined/regular sugar, their are many better choices than agave to satisify that sweet tooth, here are some great examples:

1) Stevia: Stevia is made from a natural plant, and is safe for healthy individuals and diabetics alike, as it has zero calories and no effect on blood sugar! Their are actually over 400 peer reviewed studies on Stevia's health benefits for everything from Cancer to Hypertension.

2) Coconut sugar: This a great sugar for those who do not like the herbal taste you sometimes get with stevia! Coconut sugar tastes like brown sugar but with a more caramel taste and has a much less effect on blood sugar:


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