The 4 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Healthcare Pro!

The 5 Most Common Mistakes People Make

When choosing a Healthcare Professional

One of the most common complaints I get is that people have seen professionals in the past and haven’t gotten results! This problem can be very easily avoided by avoiding these 4 pitfalls, when choosing your next health professional:

#1 They get into an assembly line

You are an individual, and your body, genetics, biochemistry are as unique as your eyes. Don’t get me wrong, we all have the same muscles and bones, but just because you have knee pain, doesn’t mean the source is the exact same as Bobs from down the street.

For example, one man’s hypertension may be caused by excessive stress and lack of sleep, where as another mans may be insulin resistance and high blood sugar.


Get a healthcare professional that really cares, and is interested in finding the root cause of your symptoms, and not just treating the symptoms themselves!

#2 People sacrifice their health for, a good deal!

It sounds stupid writing it down, but it happens often… Most of the time, myself included, people shop for deals and always go for what is cheapest. But as the old saying goes, when you pay peanuts... you usually get monkeys! The reality is a good therapist should respect themselves, and charge the appropriate price. I don’t mean you should overpay, but you shouldn’t hire someone to take care of your health based on the fact they are the cheapest around. If they are the cheapest, there is a reason, and usually it will take you 4X as long and 2X the money to get the same results you would have with the expert!


Go for the expert, and be willing to invest! It will save you money in the long run.

#3 They go to one person…. for everything!!

Often I hear things like ‘I jammed my neck a couple weeks ago; it’s not any better yet… Do you think I should go to the doctor and get anti-inflammatories?’ NO! I think you should go to a qualified therapist, who will get to the root cause of your pain!

What I am trying to say is, every professional has their role, and doctors have an integral one. You should not come see me to perform open heart surgery, just as you wouldn’t go see a chiropractor to balance your hormones.


Go for a healthcare professional that has a proven track record in fixing the complaint you have and has a hollistic approach. And try and get referrals or testimonials from people you know who have been to see him or her!

#4 They expect their MD or health care professional to do everything

There are many extremely qualified Medical Doctors and talented therapists out there, who can fix a multitude of issues. However, it is rare that the client is completely passive in this experience, and if you are completely passive, you should probably question the efficacy, long-term, of the treatment! Truth is people need to be an active participator in their health and for long lasting results should be incorporating the lifestyle strategies provided from your practitioner.


Ask if you have any homework! Doing the tasks assigned will only make things go faster and save you time and money.

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