9 Reasons to get more sleep

Sleep is absolutely essential, and can be something that empowers every aspect of your life, your workout, your mental health and even sex life! IF...... you get enough.

However, it's not all about the quantity... Recent sleep studies have proven sleep quantity is almost just as important.

Here are the top 9 reasons you should get more sleep:

  1. People who sleep more have more and better sex!![1]

  2. Lack of sleep ages your skin, and entire body quicker! So you ladies out there, remember to get your beauty sleep.[2]

  3. Reduced productivity and multiple studies have shown, sleep deprivation and less income have a directly correlated. So take away, sleep more make more money

  4. Sleep deprivation causes a multitude of mood, and mental health issues such as:

  5. ADHD

  6. Anxiety[3]

  7. Memory loss[4]

  8. Depression[5]

  9. Sleep deprivation increase all cause of mortality!!!! That means if you sleep less you are more likely to die from everything… That means getting cancer, diabetes or getting hit by a car![6]

  10. Sleep deprivation has been linked to increased incidence of divorce. This could be linked to many things, including the lack of sex…. But either way happy wife, happy life. Lack of sleep, may go deep![7]

  11. Not sleeping enough effects performance! This stands for sports and in the bedroom.[8]

  12. When you are tired, you are more emotional and your judgement, decision making, [9]

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