Water: How Much Do I Need?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

WATER, probably the most overlooked health, fitness and performance boosting needs our body has. Charles Poliquin, one of the worlds most famous and honoured strength coaches, has been quoted saying ‘For years it was my most important supplement.’

And with good reason, a meta-analysis of all research done by Universities on hydration and performance shows that a 1.5% drop in hydration levels, could lead to an astounding 10% drop in physical performance!!! To top that off, mild dehydration has been linked to decreased brain acuity and function, with potential long term side-effects. So whether you want to get your black belt or get a raise at work, water is essential.

So hydration is important, I get it…But why? What’s all the big fuss? And how much should I drink?

Let’s start off by answering why hydration is so important for your health and nutrition. Here are 6 facts about water in your body:

  1. Did you know that you are almost 50% water?

  2. Your muscles, organs and other fat free organs are almost 69% water! (Compared to fat at a small 10%.)

  3. Water is involved in helping your body recover, so if you are dehydrated it takes longer.

  4. Cartilage in joints consists of anywhere between 60-80% water. So if you want to be pain free, you have to be hydrated.

  5. Water helps control inflammatory processes in your body, and overall recovery from workouts.

  6. Your brain is roughly 75% water.

Now, that’s all fine and dandy... but how do I know if I am getting enough? Well there is a relatively easy way to know if you are getting enough water. Look at your pee! Your urine should be a pale yellow to almost clear for most people, (unless supplementing with vitamins and or certain medications). If your pee looks like it could light up the night sky, you are probably dehydrated!

Here is an easy way to calculate how much you should drink:

0.6-0.7 ounces per pound of bodyweight


39 ml per kg of bodyweight.

Therefore, 120 to 140 ounces for a 200 lbs man


3.55 to 4.14 liters for a 91 kg man

Before taking 1000$ of supplements/month or buying the new BODYCARV 6000XXP, check if you’re getting enough water. Augmenting your training to the next level could be as simple as calculating the amount of water you need in a day, and hitting that goal daily.


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